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Sunscreen needs to achieve 3 disciplines and 8 precautions

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      Ultraviolet rays in the sun are one of the two culprits of skin aging, so if you want to keep the tail of youth, you must do a good job in sunscreen. Have you got your sunscreen ready? Don't think sunscreen is just sunscreen. Then your knowledge of sunscreen is too outdated. Now let's improve your sunscreen IQ!


three disciplines:


1. You can't apply too little


sunscreen. The premise to ensure that the protective effect is consistent with the product logo is that you apply two milligrams of sunscreen products on one square centimeter of skin. However, the survey of consumer use habits shows that the dosage of general women is only 0.5 mg / cm2 at one time. Therefore, the protective effect can only reach 1 / 3 or even 1 / 4 of that marked in sunscreen products.

2. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out. The use time of

sunscreen should be appropriate. Sunscreen can not be used before makeup, nor can it be applied before going out. Sunscreen, like ordinary skin care products, takes a certain time to be absorbed by the skin, so you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.

3. The application method of sunscreen

sunscreen products generally have large molecules. If they are squeezed into the pores by rubbing, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of "rubbing mud" and block the pores, but reduce the effect of sunscreen. Therefore, the correct method is to take a sufficient amount of sunscreen products between your fingers or palm, gently faint, and then pat on your face or body until uniform. Attention should be paid to tapping from top to bottom along the direction of pore growth in order to better play the role of sunscreen.


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