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10 absolutely effective oil control methods

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 3 0

      The climate of spring makes people love and hate. What they love is the blooming of flowers she calls, and what they hate is that she makes their skin easy to be sensitive. How to take care of your skin in this changeable season? How can we make whitening and skin care work normally? Life series specially prepares the latest skin care information for you to help you repair skin problems and show the most charming brilliance!

      Dietotherapy: after eating aloe for some time, the problems of oily and acne have been solved.

massage method: melt with water and gently massage the face, which can improve the oil output of the face and is suitable for oily skin.


first aid methods: use cold water or ice Cola in the refrigerator to ice the face, so that the pores will shrink immediately, and then use oil control products to double the effect.

sleep method: adequate sleep is a "decompression oil" to alleviate fatigue, staying up late, anxiety and other conditions.

mask method: oil control must be replenishment at the same time, homemade cucumber mask replenishment effect is good.

essential oil method: grapefruit and sage have good rapid oil control effect, which can whiten and tighten facial skin.

perfume method: use half spoonful of green lemon and cucumber juice mixed face. Especially those who love oil, add a few drops of pure French Cologne.


daily remedies: when washing your face, add some Japanese sake to the water to control oil.

Chinese folk method: beat the egg yolk evenly and apply it on the face for 10 minutes. Stick to it every night, which can effectively control the gloss.

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