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Oil control and water replenishment should be done together

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the spring climate makes people love and hate. What they love is the blooming of flowers she calls, and what they hate is that she makes their skin sensitive. How to take care of your skin in this changeable season? How can we make whitening and skin care work normally? Life series specially prepares the latest skin care information for you to help you repair skin problems and show the most charming brilliance!


when it comes to skin care in spring, girls first think of oil control and sunscreen, and most people also put oil control and sunscreen in the first place, ignoring water replenishment. It feels that water replenishment should be something in autumn and winter. In fact, according to statistics, 80% of oily skin has water shortage, and this vigorous amount of oil will cover up the fact that the skin is short of water. If you only control oil and absorb oil without replenishing water, the balance system in your body will start naturally and continuously secrete more oil to supplement a large amount of lost oil, forming a vicious circle of "more control, more oil". Moreover, in the process of oil secretion, a large amount of water in the skin will be consumed, and a large amount of sweating caused by high temperature will make the skin in a state of water shortage. Soon, there was the most serious water oil imbalance of "both oil and chips" on the face. Therefore, we advocate that when controlling oil, we should also replenish water.

so, what can we do to both replenish water and control oil?

I. two pronged

1 deoiling is only for the T-shaped part.

T-shaped part has many oil glands and strong oil secretion, which is a serious disaster area of oil dirt. When cleaning, focus on the forehead, nasal wings on both sides and chin.

2 water replenishment is only for the cheeks. There are few oil glands in the cheeks of

, so water replenishment is inevitable. You can use toner and moisturizing lotion every morning and evening, especially in the evening. After the whole face is smear over again, double cheeks are doubled and reused.


two, oil reducing and water replenishing mask,


1, choose the grease free product


to buy a latex or mouth like refreshing protective product which is suitable for the skin of its own. When it goes to glossy, it also quickly replenish the water fat membrane and replenish a lot of water, so as to achieve the effect of "refreshing moist and non greasy" as soon as possible. For example, Nivea's oil control Moisturizing Cleansing crystal dew contains an intelligent water balance system that can comprehensively regulate the skin's own oil and water while removing dirt and excess oil, effectively prevent water loss, and contains patented mineral oil control factor mineral sebum regulator and blue moisturizing particles, moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E, lock the skin's water and inhibit oil secretion. The effect will be better when used with other products in this series.

2 replenishment mask strengthens the replenishment of


. In addition to this, apply 1-2 times weekly replenishment mask to moisturize the skin into the bottom of the skin and spread quickly, moistening those "waiting for drinking water" cell tissue. For example, Biotherm's live spring water moisturizing mask contains vitamin B5 and palm oil.

3 drink water directly into the body.

drink more than eight cups of water every day, and don't drink several large cups at a time, so you won't get enough absorption. You should drink it slowly for many times.

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