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How to control oil in summer

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in the four seasons of the year, summer is the season most in need of oil control for the skin. Of course, due to the hot climate, often stay in the air-conditioned room, so moisturizing is also important. This article will teach you how to do a good job of skin oil control and how to moisturize.


first, be careful that the skin is dry outside the oil.


many friends will choose to go out for vacation in this season, but when we come back, we find that there is something wrong with our skin: the skin has imbalance of water and oil, serious oil flashing, and even dandruff. This is what we often call "dry inside the oil". In this case, whether we strengthen oil control or use moisturizing cream, it is impossible to solve these problems at the same time. People in the beauty industry believe that such a situation is due to skin dehydration caused by ultraviolet and high temperature, and the long-term excessive sunlight exposure of the skin will cause inflammation and lead to excessive sebum secretion. Therefore, once this phenomenon is encountered, a single moisturizing and oil control care is not the best solution. Instead, you should use cold compress and moisturizing. Only by cooling the skin quickly can we effectively inhibit the further deterioration of skin inflammation and control the abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands; While high-efficiency moisturizing can supplement the water lost by the skin, it can help the skin restore the balance of water and oil.

2. Carefully select the cosmetics used.

if we only strengthen oil control on the basis of basic maintenance, but still use some greasy cosmetics when making up, the skin will still be oily, making all your maintenance work in vain. Therefore, we should put away the cream, cream and oil cosmetics used in winter and buy some refreshing single products. In addition, sunscreen and UV resistance are also an important work of oil control in summer. In order to prevent greasy and clogging pores, we suggest you use some refreshing and oil-free sunscreen. They not only have a good sunscreen effect, but also give the skin a refreshing feeling. Finally, let's remind you again that if you want to do a good job in moisturizing and oil control in summer, you should check whether there is a "oil free" logo on the sunscreen package anyway.

3. Some good oil control secrets

the oil control secret we want to introduce to you is lavender balanced water. Self made Lavender balance water can help you control oil and light simply and effectively. You only need to drop five drops of lavender essential oil into 100ml pure water to easily make Lavender balance water. Put this balance water in a small watering can and take it with you. When you feel oily on your face, or when you are upset and angry, you can spray it on your face. This self-made Lavender balance water can not only astringe and turn oil, but also calm the mind and nourish the nerves. If you wear makeup and fear that spray will make it flower, you may spray it on the back of your neck, chest, or even cover your face with your hands. It will also have very good results.     Note: the shelf life of essential oil mixed into purified water is only one week at most, which is why we recommend that you only prepare 100ml at a time.

IV. it is important to maintain a healthy diet and mentality.

healthy diet and good mentality also have a great impact on people's skin. If you feel happy, the gland secretion rate will naturally slow down, and the secretion of dihydrotestosterone, which stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands, will also decrease. Of course, the skin is much fresher. On the contrary, if you are under too much pressure, tired and poor quality of life, the hormone secretion in your body will show a temporary imbalance, and the skin will be in an unbalanced state. The serious oil phenomenon is the main manifestation. In the diet, those spicy and fried foods are the most likely to make the skin dry, hot and oily. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in oil control and moisturizing, you'd better eat less.


v. special care in T-zone is very effective in oil control.


there are many oil control products in T-zone on the market, which have the function of permanently controlling oil secretion in T-zone. At the same time, they can also form a matte effect in T-zone. However, we recommend that you better use the lotion after the emulsion is applied, and then dry it evenly before applying T powder. In addition, some products may leave white marks due to heavy floating powder, so we must pay attention not to apply it too thick.

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