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How should women fight aging

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        There is no elixir for skin maintenance. 5 tips are a youth prescription you can't ignore to block the aging crisis. With the growth of years, the outcome is very different!

        Open the door of skin care


        In autumn and winter, skin metabolism slows down and cutin keeps accumulating. Therefore, the skin color is easy to become dark, dry and rough, which affects the absorption of skin care products. Think about it, these nutrients and moisturizing ingredients are all stuck in the old waste cutin. Of course, they have not been really absorbed! In order to fully absorb the maintenance ingredients, through daily mild metabolism of old waste cutin toner or high-performance toner with leading effect, it can smooth texture, soften cutin, regulate the skin into good absorbing skin, and get twice the result with half the effort.

        Master the


in the golden repair period. At night, the skin calms down with the whole city. After the pressure is removed during the day, the cells are in a state of renewal and repair. Dior education and training manager Chen Shanshan pointed out, "don't waste this good time for sleep maintenance!" young skin under the age of 20 can choose moisturizing and whitening products; Over 30 years old, focus on anti-oxidation and promoting blood circulation; Over 35 years of age recommend highly effective anti aging and collagen repair skin care products. Cosmo decorte laboratory also found that the sleeping period at night is the golden period for growth hormone secretion and skin activation, which can help protein and DNA synthesis and create perfect skin after a good night's sleep.

        The beauty


bacilli and its injection effect are quick and obvious. They can reduce and fade the facial collocation. Each effect can last for half a year. If you can match the anti aging and maintenance products, you can extend the medical cosmetic effect. The door is low, the side effects are small and the efficiency is high. But for safety consideration, it is recommended to find experienced and trusted doctors to operate. Reduce the probability of failure.

        Vitality supplement is the most anti-aging


. Timely supplement nutrients for yourself can enhance physical immunity and improve mental state. Vitamins play a role in maintaining the enzyme auxiliary of human biochemical reaction, and can activate human cells, tissues, systems and organs. Antioxidant components such as polyphenols and prawn hemoglobin can prevent aging and resist environmental pollution and daily pressure, Healthy and healthy from the body.

        Yuan Qi aerobic exercise

put forward a warm-up exercise plan! When the body declines due to aging or fatigue, moderate exercise can promote metabolism. When the circulation increases, it can help metabolize free radicals, stimulate vitality and restore skin luster. Jogging, swimming and cycling are good choices.

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