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Anti aging method to make you 20 years younger

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       Every woman wants to be young, and every woman wants to have a beautiful but not old face forever. So how to make yourself young forever?

      The body's cells age from the age of 25, and with age, including the skin, this aging process will accelerate. Skin aging is characterized by wrinkles and relaxation. Wrinkles can be divided into shallow wrinkles and deep wrinkles. The skin can be divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue layer from outside to inside. Shallow wrinkles are mainly related to the thinning of the epidermis and the drying and water shortage of the skin. Skin is a living organ with self-protection and regeneration mechanism, but age, environment, lifestyle, climate change, stress, smoking, fatigue... Will affect it, its function will decline, and there will be signs of aging. In this season changing and skin vulnerable period, impart some knowledge you must understand.

      This is the reason why dry skin is prone to light wrinkles on the face, while oily skin and male skin appear later and imperceptible. Deep wrinkles are mainly caused by the reduction of mucopolysaccharide in the dermis of the skin: like infants, the skin contains a lot of mucopolysaccharide, so it looks young and smooth. Between 0-60 years old, the amount of mucopolysaccharide in skin will decrease by 50% with the increase of age.

      1 eat free radical


        People who care about health are probably not unfamiliar with the term free radical. But what are free radicals? This is a substance related to aging. The reason why free radicals are harmful is that their chemical properties will produce a chemical reaction with the cell tissue in the body, causing the cell tissue to lose its function and be destroyed. It will also react with DNA in cells, destroy DNA, accelerate aging and even increase the risk of cancer.

many nutrients and enzymes in the human body have the function of capturing free radicals. Therefore, disease enters by the mouth.


simply and directly say that we should eat more food and fight against old age, eat more foods that can scavenge free radicals, and minimize the intake of foods that produce free radicals.


foods contain carotene, which are considered to be powerful in scavenging free radicals. These foods contain the most dark green, dark yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potato, pumpkin, chrysanthemum, mustard, leek flower, sweet potato leaf, cabbage, mango, etc.


also absorb antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, which are also good for aging, such as citrus, persimmon, guava, papaya, kiwifruit, strawberry, lemon, banana, grape, etc. in addition, green vegetables such as broccoli, tomato, kelp and seaweed. Foods containing vitamin E include nuts such as walnuts, cashews and sesame seeds.


foods that can produce free radicals include foods with high calories and high fat. In addition, moldy, fried (especially return cooking oil), pickled and smoked foods, and musty nuts are foods that are prone to produce free radicals. You should be careful not to eat them. Because this kind of food is easy to produce free radicals, which will accelerate aging.

in addition, the diet should also contain cellulose food, which can strengthen the detoxification function in the body, strengthen intestinal peristalsis and avoid the pain of constipation. Foods containing high fiber include vegetables, brown rice, corn, oats, whole wheat flour, mung beans, soybeans, black beans, almonds, sesame, raisins, etc.

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