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How is sunscreen healthy and correct

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the spring climate makes people love and hate. What they love is the blooming of flowers she calls, and what they hate is that she makes their skin sensitive. How to take care of your skin in this changeable season? How can we make whitening and skin care work normally? Life series specially prepares the latest skin care information for you to help you repair skin problems and show the most charming brilliance!

try to stay in a cool place in summer, go out with a sunshade and use sunscreen cosmetics. It should be noted that sunscreen should start with children. Some data show that people have accumulated more than 70% of light aging in their life before the age of 20.


in the dazzling sunscreen market, how to choose high-quality sunscreen and skin care products? The selection of sunscreen products mainly follows two principles: one is to choose the dosage form of your own skin, and the other is to choose the sunscreen index of the appropriate environment. Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong permeability or oil in water cream. Dry skin should choose emulsion sunscreen with strong moisturizing effect and water in oil type. For sensitive skin, try to choose sunscreen with low sensitivity formula. Due to the different sensitivity of each skin, experts suggest that before using the new sunscreen and skin care products, it is best to try it behind the ear or elbow flexion for 2-3 days. It can be used in other parts of the body only when there are no adverse reactions such as redness, swelling, itching and pain.


regular sunscreen cosmetics on the market are marked with SPF value and PA value. SPF is a performance index of sunscreen cosmetics to protect the skin from sunburn erythema, that is, the degree of UVB damage. PA value, i.e. PFA value, is an indicator of the degree to which the product prevents UVA (long wave ultraviolet) damage. The PA value is represented by "+" and is generally divided into three levels: PA + (effective), PA + + (quite effective) and PA + + + (very effective). It can be seen from the above that the higher the SPF, the greater the protection provided. However, the higher the value, the better, because the higher the SPF, the worse the permeability of the product, which will hinder the normal secretion and breathing of the skin. At the same time, the more sunscreen added to the product, increasing the chance of skin irritation or allergy. In fact, as long as the amount of application is sufficient, products with SPF value of 30 can block about 96% of UVB. The selection of


SPF should vary from time to time, from place to place and from person to person. Generally, urban office workers only contact the sun on the way to and from work and a small amount of sunlight indoors. Sunscreen products with SPF15 and PA + can be selected on sunny days, and sunscreen products with spf8-12 and PA + on cloudy days are enough. If you want to go out from 10 noon to 2 pm in summer, or go for field outing and beach swimming, you should choose SPF30, PA + + or above, and sunscreen with waterproof effect is best. The applied parts include not only the face, but also other exposed parts such as neck, shoulder, back, arm and calf. The order of


skin care products is usually: first, use skin cleaning products to thoroughly clean the skin, then take make-up water, apply moisturizing or whitening lotion, then apply a colorless sunscreen or milk, and then apply sunscreen foundation and honey powder. Sunscreen cosmetics should be used 30 minutes before going out to achieve the best sunscreen effect. For indoor workers, it is enough to apply sunscreen once every 3-4 hours, and it is necessary to apply sunscreen once every 2 hours for outdoor activities. After sun care is also very important. After returning home at night, wash sunscreen with clean water or makeup remover, and then select night cream with repair or whitening and moisturizing function according to personal needs, so that the skin can be better repaired and nourished.


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