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The most complete sunscreen knowledge in history

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        Are your sunscreen knowledge complete and practical enough? Are there any misunderstandings in your sunscreen methods? Do you know how to relieve the affected area and give first aid after sunburn? Can you understand the English on sunscreen? Change what you have and encourage what you don't have. The sunscreen knowledge provided today is a big summary of all sunscreen knowledge in the past, so that you can be fearless in the charming summer sun!

unforgettable sunscreen common sense:

1. Most adult melanoma is caused by childhood exposure. Infants aged 6 months cannot take a beach bath. Children before the age of 7 should wear T-shirts, sunshades and sunscreen for children. They should not go out from 12 noon to 2 PM in summer.

2. People are exposed to the "capital" for about 5000 hours

according to the data, ordinary people will cause skin cancer only after exposure to the sun for 5000 hours, but this exposure time not only refers to the exposure to the sun in summer, but also includes all daily contact with the sun. Therefore, the more times the sun is exposed, the more points are deducted. When 5000 hours are deducted, it is very dangerous to expose the skin to the sun.

3. Sunburn is not the only damage caused by the sun to the skin

as we all know, the sun exposure will form color spots, wrinkles and skin relaxation, but these are only visible to our naked eyes. In fact, it will also cause a certain degree of damage to cells and genes. Some cells die on the spot, while some injured cells will release a chemical substance to stimulate capillaries and cause them to rupture, which is what we usually call sunburn. In particular, UVA can penetrate the skin, destroy DNA, make the skin lose elasticity, and even cause skin cancer.

4. The higher the temperature is, the stronger the ultraviolet light is.

first of all, we should clearly realize that ultraviolet light will not give off heat. For example, when you are on the beach, climbing mountains or sliding sand, the cooler you feel, the stronger the ultraviolet light is.

5. The bearing capacity of the skin in the sun varies from person to person, time and latitude.


sunscreen on the market are divided into different grades by SPF number; The larger the number, the longer the protection effect. Usually, the protection time of sunscreen is 15 minutes multiplied by SPF number. For example, the sunscreen time of spf8 is 120 minutes. If you go to the mountains to play, just make a general sunscreen and choose spf8 sunscreen. However, if you swim in the sea, you need to choose sunscreen above SPF15; At noon, when the sun is strong, you have to choose sunscreen above SPF30.

6. The sunscreen function of SPF30 sunscreen is not twice that of SPF15 sunscreen.

although SPF30 sunscreen has a greater ability to block ultraviolet rays than SPF15 sunscreen, this does not mean that SPF30 sunscreen can block twice the ultraviolet rays. If SPF15 can block 94% of ultraviolet rays, SPF30 sunscreen can block 97% of ultraviolet rays. Of course, no matter what kind of sunscreen, you should reapply it every 2 to 3 hours.

7. Holding a sunshade can not block all sunburn risks.

in fact, 50% of ultraviolet rays can pass through the sunshade, which can only isolate UVA (melanin) that makes people feel burning, while UVB (aging factor) can pass through the sunshade without difficulty.

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