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Uncover secrets: why women age faster than men

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 4 0

       Although women spend much more money and time on skin care than men, they still seem to be unable to resist the power of nature. Researchers recently found that women's skin ages faster than men's. So what is the reason? Let's look at what Xiaobian summarized for you:

       Experts from several institutions jointly conducted the study. They used "multiphoton laser imaging" technology to irradiate the medial forearms of 18 volunteers. The volunteers included 7 women and 11 men, aged between 21 and 84. Under the irradiation of infrared laser pulses, collagen in the skin emits blue light and elastin emits green light. Based on this, the researchers measured the relative amount of these two proteins in the skin of volunteers.

     As a result, they found that in the same age group, women's skin lost collagen faster than men, and the physical appearance of the network formed by collagen in men's skin was younger. Collagen and elastin are two kinds of proteins in the skin. They are closely related to the growth, repair, nutrition, elasticity and tension of the skin. Among them, collagen plays a more important role. 75% of the dermis is composed of collagen, which undertakes the two key missions of anti wrinkle and moisturizing. The human body can make a lot of collagen when young, but their production will decrease with age.

       The researchers believe that women's skin ages faster than men because they need to consume more collagen than men. After menstruation, the endometrium falls off, and the damaged uterus needs to be repaired. The endometrium is composed of collagen fibers, which requires a lot of collagen. In addition, childbirth and induced abortion will also damage the uterus, which needs to consume collagen.

        So how do we supplement collagen? Experts point out that in our daily diet, only tendons and skin are rich in collagen. However, this macromolecular collagen can not be directly absorbed by the human body. It needs to be transformed into small molecules of active collagen. Moreover, this kind of food has a high fat content, which is easy to lead to obesity and hyperlipidemia, so it is not worth the loss to supplement collagen through them. Experts pointed out that the best way to slow down women's skin aging is to pay attention to a balanced diet, ensure adequate sleep and reduce psychological pressure.

        Using laser imaging to measure the degree of skin aging has important practical significance. At present, if dermatologists want to study collagen in dermis, they must cut tissue samples and observe them under a microscope. This method can not quantitatively study collagen, and can not monitor the aging process of skin at the same location. The "multiphoton laser imaging" technology is a non-invasive detection method, which is convenient and easy. Although it is still in the experimental stage, one day it will be used to test the actual effect of beauty and skin care products and help researchers uncover the secrets of various skin diseases related to collagen.

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