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The fastest 9 beauty methods in history

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       1、 Washing your face with milk - to deal with the dull


speed: washing your face with milk in 5 days can help you "change your skin" in 5 days! Do you believe it? Expensive skin care products naturally have their value, but natural products are not flat goods. Both mix match have masterpieces!

can wash your face with milk before putting on makeup. Milk has the effect of whitening, tenderness and smoothness. Many people's face immediately becomes smooth after washing, making it easier to powder. But before washing your face with milk, wash the dirt with cleanser first, and then wash your face with milk after water.


1. First wash the dirt on the face with cleanser.

2. Put an appropriate amount of fresh milk into the basin and dip the milk with a towel (do not dry the towel).

3. Lightly print the face and repeat it for about 5 ~ 6 times.

4. Apply milk on your face for 3 minutes and then rinse with water.

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