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Moisturizing is important for 30-year-old women

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   The skin maintenance of a 30-year-old young mother is a barrier. If it is not maintained in time, the skin will age quickly. Wu Min, a beauty talent, told reporters that compared with girls in their teens and twenties, they need more nutrition, and moisturizing is the top priority.

   1 moisturizing first "cleansing",


whether you wash your face with clean water or cleansing products, it will change the pH of your cheeks, drain the moisture in the epidermis, and make your skin tight and dry. Therefore, different skin types should choose corresponding cleaning products.

Wu Min told reporters that mixed, dry skin should choose weak acidic and mild products, such as emulsion cleanser, or a variety of cleansing agents containing a variety of moisturizing factors. People with oily skin should never over clean their skin, which will stimulate the skin to secrete more sebum to maintain the oil content of epidermal skin. Therefore, Meida people suggest to choose neutral and mild products to keep skin water and oil balance while removing excess oil from the epidermis.

2 "replenishment" in principle,

after cleansing, the pores of the skin will open slightly, which is the best time to replenish water. The water like toner can quickly penetrate into the epidermis, giving the skin an "immediate" moisturizing effect.

Wu Min said that the direct moisturizing effect of mixed and dry skin lotion has the most obvious effect on mixed and dry skin; Although people with oily skin are oily skin, this kind of skin often needs more moisture to nourish rather than oil. It should be noted that alcoholic make-up water should be avoided. Although alcohol can make the skin feel fresh temporarily, it will cause peeling over a long time.

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