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Drink beauty food that makes you 5 years younger

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 4 0

       The choice of beauty products has gradually moved towards the trend of "from the inside out and two pronged". In addition to the facial application of facial beauty products, healthy beauty drinks are also a magic weapon to keep your face. Beauty should be both inside and outside. Now let's introduce some popular beauty foods.

FANCL no collagen added fruity beverage

reference price: 50mlx10 bottles / 298 yuan

product introduction: collagen is an important component to support and moisturize the skin, keeping the skin away from aging problems such as dryness, fine lines and relaxation. Collagen will be lost with age, and will be eroded by ultraviolet rays and life pressure. To keep your skin young and bright, supplement collagen every day is the key.


netizens commented: I drank it for about a year, and the effect is really amazing.

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