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Moisturizing method for dry skin

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    Characteristics of "dry skin" the most obvious characteristics of


dry skin are: less sebum secretion, dry skin, lack of luster, and easy to wrinkle. Dry skin is "delicate" and "sensitive". It is vulnerable to external physical and chemical factors, ultraviolet rays and dust, resulting in allergic reactions. However, dry skin is delicate in appearance, with no obvious pores and no greasy feeling, so it gives people a clean and beautiful feeling. As long as we strengthen scientific care, we can avoid our own shortcomings and create beautiful skin.


cleaning work


must choose soft and anti sensitive cleansing products containing mild surfactants (concentrated protein fatty acids, chlorpyrine, plant essential oils) to wash your face because of their high content of lipids and moisturizing factors. The general soap or cleanser will make the skin dry and wrinkle prematurely. If the skin is especially dry, you can wash your face with warm water and cleansing cream and gentle anti sensitive face cream only in the evening.

moisturizing work

don't wipe too dry after washing your face. When it is still slightly wet, immediately apply a high-grade mild anti allergy moisturizer to quickly supplement lipids and balance pH.

daily maintenance work

during the day - pay special attention to the repair and strengthening of the water and lipid membrane on the skin surface. It is very important to choose a day cream with sufficient ingredients, good quality, added moisturizing ingredients and strong protection. When applying moisturizing products, let them penetrate into the skin slowly, massage gently in circles with your middle finger, and be careful not to rub the skin hard.

at night - eye care is the focus at night. When choosing eye care products, try to moisturize and replenish water. Use night cream containing moisture and nutrients on the face.

special maintenance work

1, the use of lip balm, it contains wax, oil, lipid and lipo alcohol, and often add vitamins to protect the skin and anti UV components, help crack lip maintenance and sunlight protection, early, late and at any time as long as the dry lips can be used.

2, if the skin is very sensitive and dry, before applying the night cream, it is best to apply a highly nourishing living cell essence or rose essential oil, which can prevent skin aging, wrinkle resistance, deep nourishment and regeneration, and is very suitable for dry skin.

3, choose moist, mild, nourishing facial mask containing natural plant essence, do it at least once a week. If the condition of dried fruit is serious, then two nourishing facial mask should be done weekly.  


people with dry skin should pay attention to some foods with high fat and vitamin content, such as milk, eggs, pig liver, butter and fresh fruit.

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