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10 skincare tips for white and tender skin in summer

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        The sun is hot in summer. If the protection and maintenance are slightly improper, you can wait to become a charcoal girl. But it is not impossible to keep the skin white and tender in summer and make many charcoal girls envy and envy. Take a look at the ten summer skin care tips prepared by Xiaobian for you, and wait to harvest the jealous eyes of everyone.

1. anti dry, so that the foundation

can blend water quality foundation and foundation, and increase the moisture of foundation. At the bottom, puff can dip a small amount of mineral water to make the foundation easier to push away, and also help the foundation close to the skin. The

2. uses the Pearl water color sunscreen Moisture Day Cream instead of the foundation

. For example, DiorSnow Pure UV Whitening UV Control Base has lavender, white and beige, which can tone the complexion, and has the function of sunscreen.

3. Quickly eliminate the red needle mark left by the facial

to eliminate the red mark, the method is to calm the skin, apply a thin layer of NARS hydrating frying lotion on the face, and then apply ettusais ace Concealer on the red position, which can inhibit bacteria and modify the red mark at the same time. Next time, if you have the same situation, you should first notify the beautician and suggest not to clear the needle or even squeeze the acne.

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