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Definition of ultraviolet

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     Ultraviolet rays do great harm to the skin. In such a season, how should we prevent ultraviolet rays? If we want to prevent ultraviolet, we must know what ultraviolet is.

     The English name of ultraviolet ray or ultraviolet radiation (UV for short) was discovered by German scientist Ritter. Ultraviolet ray is the general name of radiation with a wavelength of 100-400 nm (nm) in the electromagnetic spectrum.

the shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet ray, the greater the harm to human skin. Short wave ultraviolet rays can pass through the dermis, and medium waves can enter the dermis.

Ultraviolet is a kind of light wave invisible to the naked eye, with a wavelength range of 100-40nm (nm) It exists outside the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, so it is called ultraviolet. According to different wavelength ranges, it is divided into three bands: A, B and C. among them, band C ultraviolet has a wavelength between 240-260nm, which is the most effective sterilization band, and the strongest wavelength in the band is 253.7nm. Ultraviolet in the natural world is mainly emitted by the sun, which is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC according to different wavelengths Wave band: UVA is the living ultraviolet with a wavelength range of 315-400nm, which can be injected into human skin through window glass and clouds; UVB is the outdoor ultraviolet with a wavelength range of 280-315nm, which can be directly injected into the skin when people are outdoors. UVA and UVB not absorbed by the ozone layer will irradiate the surface of the earth and cause damage to our skin. UVC is the ultraviolet C-band, with a wavelength range of 200-280 In the natural world, the C-band of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun is almost completely filtered out by the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere. UVC can penetrate microorganisms and human cells and cause damage to DNA in fine fetuses. It is this characteristic of vuc that is used to inactivate and detoxify microorganisms in water. UVC is the most effective sterilization band, and the strongest wavelength in the band is 253.7nm.

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