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UV protection eat more tomatoes

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 3 0

want to whiten in summer and avoid tanning. Eat more tomatoes. Tomatoes can prevent ultraviolet rays.

sunscreen in summer, people often think of all kinds of skin care products and sunscreen. In fact, sunscreen should not only be superficial, but also internal nourishing. According to experts from the municipal nutrition society, you might as well try to eat more food with sunscreen effect. For example, tomato is a good sunscreen food, which is rich in antioxidant lycopene. Taking enough lycopene every day can reduce the risk index of sunburn, and cooked tomatoes are better than raw ones. Lemon rich in vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten and lighten spots, shrink pores, soften cuticle and make skin shiny. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts are good for the skin. They can soften the skin from the inside out, prevent wrinkles, moisturize and make the skin look younger. Vitamin E contained in nuts can not only reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin in the skin, but also prevent acne. Some photosensitive vegetables, such as celery and coriander, are easy to precipitate pigment on the skin. It is best to eat less in the season with strong sunshine.

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