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Let you spend the summer with 5 kinds of fruits

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       In hot summer, fresh, sweet and delicious fruits are the most attractive. In addition to human health, the most important thing is that fruits can also protect the skin in this season. So in such a hot summer, what kind of fruit should we eat to keep me from tanning and whiten us all summer? Now let's look at the five kinds of fruit Xiaobian recommends for you.

1. Natural moisturizing effect of sour citrus

sour citrus is very valuable all over the body, especially its seeds. The main component of its surface sticky material is pectin, which is food fiber. It has strong water absorption and water preservation ability, and has natural moisturizing effect. In addition, antioxidants such as flavonoids and catechins in seeds can prevent the formation of black spots on the skin surface, and the citric acid and fruit acid contained in seeds can also remove excess cutin.

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