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Uncover the secrets of moisturizing methods for various skin types in summer

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       Many mm keep moisturizing every day, but in this season, is your moisturizing method right? Do you choose a moisturizing method according to your skin type? Now Xiaobian will introduce you to moisturizing methods for various skin types. > > > Moisturizing methods for dry skin

      1, dry skin

dry skin is the biggest feature of the skin often feel tight, after washing the face 20 minutes later also feel dry face, and the use of general colloidal essence, often feel inadequate moisture.


the skin has the function of self-protection. The sebaceous glands will constantly secrete oil to keep the skin lubricated. Dry skin lacks the function of maintaining natural moisture. When the moisture content of the skin is insufficient, the surface cells are easy to be damaged; In severe cases, the external dry environment may absorb any remaining moisture. Under such a vicious cycle, the skin will be more dry, rough and aging. Therefore, for dry skin, in addition to temporarily replenishing the necessary moisture on the skin surface, it is more important to improve its water retention ability from the deep layer of the skin.


dry skin MM, do not need special spray lotion in the morning and evening cleaning, only need to apply moisturizing and moisturizing lotion. If you are a work member, you need regular makeup. You can prepare the small pack cucumber mask sold on the market, which is convenient and fast moisturizing. But remember to use the lotion to lock the moisture when you use it. Moisturizing lotion is the first choice. It is also effective to soothe the skin by choosing the lotion of plant extract.  

     Because we are a little allergic to dryness, anti allergy should be considered for skin care products. > > > Skin care products


suitable for dry skin 2. Mixed skin


mixed skin is characterized by easy oil in the T-shaped part, but dry cheeks, blocked pores in the nose and more acne. Small acne is easy to appear on the forehead, chin and cheeks near the nose. The mixture of


does not exist only on the surface of the skin, but also in the deep inside of the skin. In short, the skin will generate lipid layer and oil every day. When internal or external factors, such as pollution, sunlight, pressure, dirt and food, affect the skin, it will cause the imbalance of oil-water balance and produce too much or too little.

mixed skin MM, T position is our fatal injury, so in the morning and evening after washing the face can wipe some refreshing lotion. Office workers should pay more attention to the phenomenon of oil coming out of their nose. We can use our nose for moisturizing or moisturizing facial mask to make a facial, but remember to use gel emulsion to stabilize the skin and strengthen the moisture supplement. In addition, Xiaobian suggests that mm with mixed skin should be careful when choosing skin care products. It is best to choose products containing plant natural ingredients such as seaweed extract.

       Mixed skin refers to the coexistence of two different skin qualities on the same person's face. The care of this kind of skin should be treated differently on the basis of using the same series of skin care products. > > > How to care for mixed skin in summer

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