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Five key points of skin care in summer

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      Summer is hot and easy to sweat. What problems should be paid attention to in summer skin care? Now Xiaobian will summarize it for you.

      1. Master's Secret Collection - cleanliness is very important.

      First, wash your face.

      JMS must be strange. Who can't clean it? Of course, if you choose the wrong product, you can't wash it clean! Many people blindly follow the trend, listen to what everyone says, call and buy it. After buying it, they find that it is not suitable for their own skin -!! So sisters, remember, oily skin must choose cleansing products with stronger cleaning ability and better degreasing effect, and it will not be tight after use, so it will moisturize while degreasing. Remember, it will not grow acne until the excess oil is removed. Otherwise, it will be difficult to accumulate oil and not grow acne.

       Second, regular exfoliation.

       Washing your face is only the first step of cleaning. In addition to washing your face sooner or later, there is another point to pay attention to: regular exfoliation. Exfoliation is also clean! Cutin is the product of skin metabolism. The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. Over time, the accumulation of stratum corneum will make the skin dull and dull. It can't be absorbed well with any product! Remove the cuticle regularly, so that the skin can breathe well and absorb the nutrients of various skin care products. Generally, oil skin exfoliation can be done once a week or so, not too often, otherwise it will also hurt the skin. In addition, in some cases, you can't exfoliate: don't exfoliate sensitive skin casually. Oily skin mm acne has grown out, so don't exfoliate! Wait until the acne goes down to prevent infection.

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