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Summer back skin care

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    Brief content: wearing cool clothes in summer will often reveal your beautiful back, so back care is very important. Back sweat more, how to decontaminate, how to moisturize, how to exercise and build up the back?

        Like other body care, back care should first pay attention to body moisturizing, because Body Moisturizing can moisturize the back, so that the back will be smooth and tender. Secondly, you can exfoliate your back when taking a bath. In addition, it is also a good choice to go to the beauty salon to do a back care project. Show your beautiful back together this summer!

        In fact, the back is an area with strong oil secretion and is very sensitive. The heavy life pressure and slow metabolism on weekdays will lead to the precipitation of melanin and the accumulation of hypertrophic cutin, making the skin dull and rough, and even full of acne. So women should set a new skin care agenda and include back care.

        The nursing procedures for the back and face are roughly the same. First remove dirt and stubborn cutin, and then carry out repair or targeted treatment. Take it as daily care. If you persevere, you can have a smooth and flawless beautiful back.

        Step 1: clean the dead skin on the back


        To have a charming back, daily cleaning and care are absolutely indispensable. In addition to daily cleaning, the weekly deep exfoliation back care can help the aged cutin fall off. The wiping action can promote blood circulation and make the skin delicate, smooth and bright.

        Back sanding tips

        1. Because the back is wrapped by heavy clothes for a long time, it is easy to cause pore blockage. When bathing, the whole body is wet, which is the best time to exfoliate the back. The best choice for exfoliating products is round and fine particles, or the ingredients are natural plants and rich in enzymes, so as to effectively remove dead cell debris.

        2. The correct exfoliation method is: first smear the exfoliating product on the back, wipe it in a round way with a meticulous brush, and use gentle force, because people with seasonal skin itching or strong sebaceous glands cannot rub the skin, otherwise the skin will be sensitive, red, swollen and peeling.

        Step 2: repair and moisturize


        After thoroughly cleaning the back skin, you should apply the body toner and moisturize lotion to prevent moisture loss. Note that in summer you should avoid using too moisturizing care products, because such products contain high oil content, easy to clog pores and produce acne.

        Back stretching exercises

        Office women often sit and work for a long time without enough exercise. Fat often accumulates unconsciously between their necks and back. Therefore, doing back stretching 10 minutes before going to bed every day can not only make the back no longer tight, but also increase the elasticity of back muscles.

        Clear small spots

        In addition to the skin on the sole of the foot, the back skin is the thickest part of the whole body; Therefore, the metabolic capacity of the back is also weak, and fat and waste are easy to accumulate, so as to form acne. If you want to have perfect back skin, you can use deep cleansing film to remove dirt from pores. In addition, if you worry that the cleansing film will make the pores thicker, you can sprinkle some shrinkage water after removing the mask.

        Go to the beauty salon and spoil yourself


        Daily care can maintain the back skin in a good state, but if you want to have a better skin touch, professional beauty care can meet your requirements. Now many beauty salons have back care courses. Beautifying the back and soothing the normally tense nerves is also a good way to reduce pressure.

        Step 3: targeted back formula


        If you still have acne on your back after a full set of time, you should use products to treat back acne. This kind of product can reduce inflammation and bacteriostasis, repel and prevent the formation of acne. As for the acne scars left, reliable whitening products should be used to improve them. The back skin also needs whitening, because its metabolism is slower than that of the face. Once it is tanned, it will take a long time to restore its original skin color.

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