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Correct face washing methods for different skin types

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      When it comes to washing your face, everyone is no longer familiar with it. Because everyone washes his face, every season, every day. But do you know that different skin types have different face washing methods? Now let's take a look at the correct face washing methods for different skin types with Xiaobian. > > > [[editor's recommendation: 5 disfigurement face washing methods]]

      A. Mixed skin

      Your facial skin has dry parts, oil problems, and is very vulnerable to seasonal climate. In the warm season, the sebum secretion of the pores near the T-shaped area and the nose wing is obviously strong. Although the skin has few sensitive reactions, the pore dirt and blackhead acne in the T-shaped area are also very annoying; When it is cold and dry, the elasticity of the eyes, lips, cheeks and other parts will be reduced and seriously dry.

      When washing your face, it is easy to dry around your cheeks and eyes, but there are acne on your nose, so the cleanser that can thoroughly clean pore dirt and has good cleaning power is very suitable for you. It can deeply clean your skin, shrink pores, and adjust the oil-water balance of the whole face.

      For the alar part of the nose that is particularly easy to be oily, carefully clean it twice by moving the middle finger up and down. After washing with warm water, don't forget to shrink skin pores with cold water. After cleansing, use a lotion that can converge the pores in the T-zone to shrink the pores and regulate local oil secretion.

       B. Dry skin that will tighten


      For dry skin, you will feel very tight after washing your face because there is very little sebum secretion on your face. Fortunately, although your skin is thin and the surface of your skin is fragile, the dermis is still healthy. If you strengthen care, you will maintain a long-term healthy state.

      As the drying phenomenon is obvious, how to decontaminate and keep the skin moist is the most important. Facial cleanser containing long-term moisturizing ingredients and cleaning milk with high skin affinity can gently and thoroughly clean the skin, so that the skin will not lose too much water after cleaning.

      Due to the lack of water in the skin, it is easy to cause dryness and fragility. When cleaning the face, be sure to use gentle techniques to make the moisturizing factor in the cleanser evenly penetrate into the skin and play the dual effects of cleaning and moisturizing.

      This type of skin is dry and fragile. Therefore, skin cleansers and skin care products containing alcohol will accelerate the evaporation of water in the skin, which is absolutely not suitable.

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