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13 actions to make beauty ugly

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        If you want to be a beauty all your life, don't do the following 13 actions.

1. Winking

frequency: when talking or expressing an expression, it will be like this if you exaggerate a little. The long-term influence of the staff on the forehead quietly appears. Any skin pulling action repeated many times will produce wrinkles, even blinking or picking eyebrows when talking. Fortunately, not many Chinese women have exaggerated expressions, which should be one of the reasons why European women have more wrinkles than Asian women after middle age.


2. Frequency of


supporting your face with your hands: during meetings, reading, when your head is a little dizzy... This action is very common. Long term effects can produce permanent wrinkles. When supporting the cheek, the squeezing of the palm on the face will cause the skin on the face to be pulled, which is easy to wrinkle. The most terrible thing is that once this action causes wrinkles, it can be permanent, which is different from the fine lines and fine lines caused by dry skin. In other words, how expensive skin care products can be used to eliminate such wrinkles easily.


3. Frequency of


in favor of one side of teeth: if someone has this habit, they will keep it at three meals a day. The long-term influence of left-right asymmetry on the size of the face was born. The bad habit of chewing on one side for a long time because of toothache or some personal hobby will make the facial muscles on the side that often chews food stronger and stronger, while the facial muscles on the other side will degenerate due to frequent use. Over time, it will cause different sizes of left and right faces, forming a "size" face!

4. Frequency of wrinkled nose

: mostly when smiling or laughing. Long term effects on young girls also lead to wrinkles. The first part of the face where wrinkles appear is the part often affected by expression muscles, such as eye tail, present, eyebrow, forehead, etc. When the skin is affected, there are lines, but as long as the expression returns, the lines will disappear. Don't worry. If it takes a long time for the facial expression lines to disappear, you should start paying attention.

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