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Secret collection of keeping skin tender for a summer

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 3 0

       The weather is dry in summer, and the skin is prone to peeling. How can you make your skin moist and tender this summer?

(1) for people with dermatitis, appropriate topical sunscreen, such as titanium dioxide cream, plain lotion, etc.

(2) beware of exposure to a large amount of strong sunlight at one time. When traveling, wear a wide brimmed sun hat or umbrella.

(3) do not overheat the water used to wash your face. Do not wash your face with alkaline soap or rough towel.

(4) after washing your face every day, you can massage acupoints for 5 minutes, or you can steam bath your face to enhance blood circulation, improve the skin environment and moisturize the skin.        (5) in daily diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and fresh vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to drinking enough water every day.

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