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Massaging these 5 parts is more anti-aging than taking any tonic

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special zone I: abdominal navel

health care key words: eliminate abdominal fat and prevent constipation.


departments are health care "fortresses" that health experts attach great importance to. Traditional Chinese medicine calls the central belly button "Shenque". Massaging, stimulating and regulating the part can benefit the lung and kidney, calm the mind, soothe the liver and gallbladder, Tongli Sanjiao, prevent diseases and strengthen the body. Rubbing the abdomen with


also has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases and obesity.

health care method: overlap your hands, press on your navel, apply moderate force, keep breathing naturally, and knead your abdomen around your navel clockwise.


for people who lack exercise on weekdays, it is recommended to develop the habit of alternately patting the middle and lower abdomen with both hands and palms (once per second) for 20 minutes during leisure time or walking, which can promote abdominal metabolism.

[[editor's recommendation: wrinkles appear 5 minutes a day 10 years later]]

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