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A cost-effective beauty method

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how do girls who love beauty maintain it? Now let's take a look at the money-saving and effective beauty methods prepared by Xiaobian for you!

to remove blackhead, acne and cutin, use a towel

after taking a bath, when the cuticle is wet and soft, take advantage of the steam in the bathroom and some heat, you can use medical gauze, but the denser the woven cloth, the better. Slowly and gently massage in circles where there are blackhead acne and need to be exfoliated, It will have the effect of removing blackheads, acne and cutin. Daily face washing using towels instead of hands will also have exfoliation effect, but dry and sensitive skin should be used with caution.

massage, cutin and maintenance all rely on granulated sugar.

wet the face in advance, pinch out bubbles in the palm of the hand, put granulated sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or apply finely ground mung bean powder to the blackhead acne and cutin, and massage slowly in circles. The advantage of this is that it can not only achieve the effect of exfoliation, but also melt the sugar slowly and maintain the skin.

shrink pores. A frozen towel can achieve

. Put a dry towel without moisture into a sealed chain clamp bag and then into the refrigerator. Before putting on makeup in the morning, take out and apply it on your face, which can shrink pores. The towel must not have water. If there is water, it will form ice. Scratch the skin.

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