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3 steps are necessary to wash your face in summer

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washing your face is no stranger to everyone. How much do you know about face cleaning? Now learn to wash your face in summer with beauty experts. You must follow 3 steps.

1 makeup removal is the prelude to cleaning

for makeup removal, there are two slogans in the skin care industry this year, one is to continue to promote "makeup removal even without makeup", and the other is that liquid makeup removal products are hot this year.

makeup remover is the prelude to cleaning the skin, which is also applicable to makeup mm and non makeup mm, because makeup remover must be removed first when sunscreen is used. Professor Fang, a Taiwan beauty expert, pointed out that sunscreen itself is oil-soluble, and many have added durable formulas and waterproof formulas. Therefore, it should be dissolved with makeup removers first, so as to remove it most effectively and gently. "If you don't remove your makeup thoroughly, it's easy to block pores and cause acne. In addition, sunscreen contains certain powder substances, and some sunscreen have the effect of repairing your face, so you need to remove your makeup."


" For a long time, there have been several types of makeup remover products, such as emulsion and oil, and the most popular one this year is liquid. Teacher Xiao P, a Taiwan beauty expert, mentioned in his skin balance conditioning method that we should choose makeup removers that can remove waterproof makeup and dirt and keep the skin fresh and moist, and what he recommended is liquid makeup removers. "Not only the waterproof make-up and dirt are easily removed, but also the skin becomes watery and moist, which is the benefit of liquid makeup removal products."

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