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10 Secrets to make you white easily

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      What about tanning? How can I make myself white easily? Then take a look at the following secret collection!

      1. Take antioxidant sunscreen. Taking antioxidants to enhance sunscreen, fern extract can reduce wrinkles and brown spots caused by ultraviolet rays.

2, use lipstick containing sun protection index. The lips lack outer protection, so they are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays in summer. Use lipstick with at least 15 SPF to prevent dry lips, thinning and sunburn.

3. Strengthen water replenishment after sun exposure. Apply moisturizing cream on the skin and cover with hot and humid towel for 5 minutes to avoid skin dryness caused by ultraviolet rays.

4. Treat acne with cotton swabs. If you use peroxide to smear acne, you might as well use a cotton swab head to gently smear it on it, so as to avoid leaving black spots on the injury.

5. Tidy the hair line before wearing a sun hat. Too much grease on the face will be absorbed by the hat or scarf, resulting in acne around the forehead. Therefore, before wearing a hat or headscarf, you should tidy up your hair line to remove excess oil from your face.

6. Shampoo containing sodium bicarbonate makes hair brighter. In summer, more free radicals will invade the hair and make it dry and dull. Adding some sodium bicarbonate to the shampoo can make the hair brighter.

7. Sleeping Silk Pillowcase. The smooth texture of silk can prevent violent friction between hair and pillow case, so as to prevent dandruff and other problems in hot weather.

8. Remove the pore garbage with papaya. Mash the fresh papaya fruit and wash the skin for 3 minutes. This summer fruit contains an enzyme that can remove dead cells that block pores and make the skin more smooth and tender.

9. Select a headband without metal. Avoid metal trinkets on the headband, which will scratch the hair and cause the hair to bifurcate. Especially after swimming, wet hair is more likely to be damaged.

10. Wear socks to keep your heels soft. To keep your heels moist and soft, don't barefoot even indoors or on the beach.

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