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Skin care common sense: four fatal causes of dryness after Moisturizing

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 2 0

  1. Choose the wrong cleansing products


  Reason: the ideal cleaning is "decontamination, degreasing and no water loss". Alkaline cleansing products with high cleaning power will cause dry and sensitive skin to be more water deficient.   

  How to deal with it: many people are not accustomed to using non foaming emulsion like cleansing products. They always feel that they are not clean. However, after practice, this cleansing product is usually weak acidic, which helps skin retain sebum membrane.   

  2. No exfoliation


  Reason: the old waste cutin gradually accumulates, like a wall, blocking the penetration of maintenance products. It can be imagined that it is futile to apply more moisturizing products.

  Countermeasures: the pH value of moisturizing lotion is generally weak and alkaline. By adding a trace of organic alkali to soften the stratum corneum, it can help the skin accelerate the removal of old and dead cells. At the same time, it also has a mild astringent effect and moisturizing effect. Therefore, after cleaning the face and before applying moisturizing cream, gently pat the face with a cotton pad soaked with make-up water until it is completely absorbed.

  3. Forget to replenish


  Reason: while moisturizing, it is often easy to ignore the link of oil supplement. Because oil is like a barrier that locks in water. If this protective film disappears, the water will soon be dried by the external environment.

  Answer: in fact, it is very simple to use moisturizing moisturizing cream instead of moisturizing lotion. But how can I know that I belong to the skin that needs oil? Do not wipe any skin care products within 5 minutes after washing your face, and then gently press the T-shaped part with oil absorbing facial paper. If there is no oil on it, it means that your skin is in a state of lack of oil.

  4. The temperature is too low


reasons: too low temperature will worsen the blood circulation of girls' face, which is also one of the reasons for the decline of skin absorption capacity. If you want to arouse the "appetite" of the skin again, you must increase the temperature of the moisturizer and massage the face. The way to deal with


is to put the right amount of cream on the fingertip and gently rub it with the temperature on the hand. After that, the cream will feel soft and light. If combined with 2 ~ 5 minutes of circular massage, the skin can better absorb the moisture in the product.

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