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High risk exposure of various hair removal methods

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there are only a few ways to depilate. But do you know the risks of these hair loss methods? Now let's take a look at the risks of various hair loss methods with Xiaobian!

● hair removal cream with obvious effect

hair removal cream is a good temporary hair removal method. You can squeeze some on the needed parts. Wait a moment and scrape it with bamboo and other hard objects in the opposite direction, and the body hair will fall off. Depilation cream is convenient and painless, but it can't uproot the hair like depilation wax, so the effect can only last for about a week. Some people have allergic reactions to depilatory cream and should be tested locally in advance.

hair removal target: arms and legs. Effect: specially for small and soft body hair, it can quickly remove a large area of hair. This method has no damage to hair follicles, so the duration is not long. Risk degree of


: the chemical composition of this method is irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling and allergy, and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution and should not be used in physiological period. If you have a history of skin allergy, you should do a small-scale skin allergy test 24 hours before depilation. Experts suggest that: in order to completely remove the small hairs at the root, you can gently wipe it with a soft cloth during flushing.

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