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8 ways to make your skin shine and moisturize after staying up late

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we all know that good skin needs to be maintained on weekdays, but working hours every day account for most of the day. Sometimes we work overtime at night and sleep late. So, what's the secret to make your skin shine and moisturize even if you stay up overnight?

before going to bed:

1. Hollywood stars are full of work every day, and their sleep time can not be guaranteed. So how do they maintain such good skin condition? Makeup artist pointed out: they drink an appropriate amount of water before going to bed every day, and pad their heads up when they sleep. In addition, they should try to reduce the intake of sugar and salt in their daily diet.

2. If you get up early in the morning and find that the skin condition is very bad, you should reflect on whether the maintenance work of the previous night has been done in place.

every day before going to bed, we must ensure that the skin's basic cleaning work, as well as the skin care steps in place, in addition to the use of appropriate make-up water, lotion and essence.

  3, avoid wearing too thick lotion or cream on your skin before going to bed, which will make your skin look swollen and swollen for second days. Instead, you need to use some skin care products with light texture and good absorption.

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