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The more women eat, the darker you get

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      If women want to make themselves whiter, they must not eat the following foods. The more they eat, the darker they become. They are the biggest natural enemies of whitening.

1. Dark food

dark food is also the food you should pay attention to. Light colored foods such as milk, eggs, tofu and fish can easily excrete melanin and reduce the burden on internal organs. At the same time, you should also eat less dark food and drink less drinks, such as strong tea, coke, coffee and chocolate.


dark foods also include staple foods such as purple rice, black beans, red beans, green beans, Hongling, black sesame, walnuts, black bone chicken, beef and mutton, pig liver, turtle, dark meat fish, sea cucumber and other meat. In addition, there are carrots, spinach, purple carrot head, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus and so on.

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