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Wash your face quickly

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washing your face is not strange to everyone, and it is also something everyone must do every day. But will you wash your face correctly and do you know how to wash your face younger? Xiaobian gives you a move. Washing your face in this way will immediately make you 10 years younger. > > > [[washing your face in this way will immediately make you 10 years younger]]

milk washing your face


1 wash your face first.

2 milk is moderately heated. If slightly deteriorated milk is selected, the effect will be better because the lactic acid has been acidified.

3 connect warm water, pour the milk into it and stir evenly.

4 wipe the face with the right water for 1 ~ 2 minutes.

5 rinse with cold water.

note: milk oil may block pores. Use low-fat milk as much as possible.

[[editor's recommendation: correct face washing methods for different skin types]]

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