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Five principles for 30-year-old women to retain their youth

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       30-year-old women's skin maintenance is a barrier. If it is not maintained in time, the skin will age quickly. Compared with girls in their teens and twenties, they need more nutrition, and moisturizing is the top priority. If a 30-year-old woman wants to retain her youth, she must follow the following five principles:

1. Moisturizing first "cleansing"

whether you wash your face with clean water or cleansing products, it will change the pH of your cheeks, divert water from the epidermis, and make your skin tight and dry. Therefore, different skin types should choose corresponding cleaning products.


mixed skin and dry skin should choose weak acidic and mild products, such as emulsion cleanser, or cleansing products containing many moisturizing and moisturizing factors. People with oily skin should never over clean their skin, which will stimulate the skin to secrete more sebum to maintain the oil content of epidermal skin. Therefore, it is recommended to choose neutral and mild products to keep skin water and oil balance while removing excess oil from the epidermis.

2. There is a principle of "replenishment". After cleansing, the pores of the skin will open slightly, which is the best time to replenish water. The water like toner can quickly penetrate into the epidermis, giving the skin an "immediate" moisturizing effect.

Wu Min said that the direct moisturizing effect of mixed and dry skin lotion has the most obvious effect on mixed and dry skin; Although people with oily skin are oily skin, this kind of skin often needs more moisture to nourish rather than oil. It should be noted that alcoholic make-up water should be avoided. Although alcohol can make the skin feel fresh temporarily, it will cause peeling over a long time.


3 and "moisturizing essence" are indispensable.


and "moisturizing essence" are indispensable steps for a 30 year old woman. It can provide long-lasting moisturizing for the skin, lock the moisture on the surface of the skin, and prevent water loss. Mixed skin should be selected with the essence of plant ingredients, because it is moist enough, and do not have to worry about fat particles. People with dry skin choose the best moisturizing essence. People with oily skin should choose products with refreshing texture.

4 "moisturizing and moisturizing" against aging

"moisturizing and moisturizing" can not be ignored by 30-year-old women for 365 days. Only moist skin can ensure the normal operation of skin cells and effectively resist aging.


cream moisturizing products are more suitable for mixed and dry skin. Moisturizing texture can well prevent the loss of skin moisture. The dryness of oily skin is often covered by the "oiliness" of the surface. Therefore, the homework of replenishing water is also careless in winter. Latex products are more suitable for this kind of skin.

5. "Special care" activation

30-year-old skin is far less elastic and energetic than 20-year-old skin, and the skin's metabolism slows down, and the aging cutin on the skin surface blocks the absorption of moisture and nutrients. Therefore, to improve skin absorption, do deep moisturizing care and exfoliating care 1 to 2 times a week. Wu Min said that for mixed and dry skin, exfoliating products with mild texture should be selected and done once a week. Carrier mask is more suitable for 30 year old skin. It is not only safe but also irritating to skin. What's more, 10 to 15 minutes of closed nourishment can make skin replenish quickly. For people with oily skin, exfoliate 1 ~ 3 times a week. Each time, the technique should be gentle and do not rub the skin hard. If the skin is really oily, you can use the oil control mask occasionally, but avoid the cheeks or not easy to get out of the oil.

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