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The method of skin tenderness is very helpful

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many women want their skin to become white, tender and smooth. People who see such skin will be very envious., Everyone has a love of beauty. We can also make our skin tender in our own way. Let's see, what are the methods of skin tenderness?


what are the methods of skin tenderness?

I. egg beauty method: first, boil the egg in boiling water for 3 minutes (remember to lay the egg after the water boils), and make sure that the protein is fully cooked and the egg yolk is half cooked. Then smash a small corner of the egg and add a little sugar.

II. Boiled egg massage "egg" spot move: wash and dry the face with warm water, peel the boiled egg while it is hot, and roll the warm egg on the face.

massage method: the forehead starts from the two eyebrows and rolls upward along the muscle direction until the hairline; Eye and mouth are circular muscles, so they should roll in a circular way; The nose rolls obliquely from the nasal root along the alar of the nose; The cheeks roll obliquely upward from inside to outside until the eggs are completely cold. Finally, after massage with eggs, apply a cold towel on the face for a few minutes, which can shrink the pores of the face.

effect: 1. Apply hot eggs and cold towels on the face, stretch and relax, making the skin shiny and elastic. 2. Egg white is soft and elastic. It is a good material for massaging skin.

III. vinegar egg liquid "egg" spot trick: first, take a fresh egg, wash and dry it, and soak it in 500ml high-quality vinegar for one month. Then, when the eggshell is dissolved in vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution, mix it with a cup of boiling water, stir and take it, one cup a day.


effects: Taking vinegar egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate and remove all black spots on the face.

IV. honey protein membrane "egg" spot trick: first, a fresh egg and a small tablespoon of honey, mix them evenly. Then, before going to bed every day, brush the film on the face with a clean soft brush, during which massage can be carried out to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation. After drying for a period of time, wash with water twice a week.

v. almond paste "egg" spot trick: soak 90g of peeled almonds, mash them like paste, mix them with egg white, coat them every night, and wash them with rice swill the next morning.

six, snow white "egg" spot trick: chicken three immersed in Baijiu, sealed four or five days, used to smear the face, can make the face black gradually white, wrinkles reduced. But people with allergic skin should use it with caution.

seven, egg yolk mask "egg" spot strokes: neutral skin is the best. Add egg white with milk, or mix well with egg yolk, and apply it for 15 minutes, which is especially good for the maintenance of neutral skin. Just stick to it for three months and your face will take on a new look.

VIII. Eggshell soft film "egg" spot trick: when cooking, paste the soft film in the eggshell on the facial wrinkles, cheeks and chin, let it dry, then remove it, and wipe off the dead skin of oily skin with a soft sponge; If it is dry skin, you should apply some vegetable oil, wipe off the dead skin, and finally wash it.

what are the methods of skin tenderness? Everyone must have learned. Beauty loving women have been pursuing beauty methods. I hope the above methods can effectively help you.

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