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How to moisturize the skin? Do this in the morning

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many people think they have taken care of their skin at night. They just need to wash their face when they get up in the morning. This idea is wrong. After a night's sleep, the skin can't recover to a good state temporarily. It is prone to edema or dryness. It needs to be hydrated in time. So, how to moisturize the skin?


how to moisturize the skin?

step 1: wash your face with cold water

use cold water to clean your skin every morning. Cold water can enhance the water locking capacity of your skin, shrink pores and protect the water locking film of your skin. If it is oily skin with more oil secretion, it is recommended to remove the excess oil with warm water first, and then use cold water.

step 2: drink water

get up in the morning and drink a large cup of warm water, which can quickly help the body replenish the water lost during night sleep. Remember that eight glasses of boiling water a day is essential in this dry autumn.

step 3: after washing the face with


, use the lotion to gently pat the face, so that the skin can absorb water faster. You can also use a thin cotton pad to wet the whole piece of make-up water, apply it to the dry part of the face, and gently press it with your fingers until it is absorbed by the skin.


STEP 4: replenishment essence


prepare a bottle of moisturizing and replenishing water essence. After cleaning the skin every night, apply the essence to massage the skin properly. The skin in sleep can absorb the essence of replenishment in the essence faster, and the skin will be tender and tender on the second day.

STEP 5: replenishment mask


replenishment mask mask can quickly infuse water into the skin, and do it two times a week, if the skin is dry and serious, three times can be done. Remember that when making mask, do not take too long, usually in 15 minutes, too long mask will dry, but it will absorb the moisture of the face.


how to moisturize the skin? The method has been introduced to you. Swelling or dryness of the skin has a great impact on people's normal life and work. It is necessary to improve the skin state in time.

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