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How does autumn skin dry do? How to save?

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in autumn, the weather is relatively dry, and women's skin is prone to water shortage, which will greatly affect women's image and sometimes itch. What should we do? Want to save the skin, come and see, what about dry skin in autumn?


first, let's understand why the skin is dry and dry?

1. Age

age growth is one of the reasons for dry skin. With the decrease of estrogen level in the body, sebum secretion decreases, and the ability of skin to preserve water will decline, making the skin more and more dry. This is also a major reason why mature women have dry, rough skin and lack of water in autumn and winter.

2. Excessive exfoliation

the cuticle on the skin surface contains a "natural moisturizing factor". Its number determines the water content of the skin. The excessive use of exfoliating products is common in modern women, which will reduce the ability of skin to secrete oil and lead to dryness and water shortage.

3. Climate change

climate change. Changes in the external climate will lead to abnormal secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, and the surface of the skin will become coarser and the resistance will be weakened. After a long time, it may be habitually dry.

4. Bad living habits

lack of sleep, fatigue, excessive weight loss and partial eclipse. Lack of sleep, fatigue, excessive weight loss and partial eclipse will cause considerable damage to the body and poor blood circulation. When health is out of balance, the skin will have no vitality and is prone to dryness and roughness.

in addition, take a bath with overheated water and use irritating soap or detergent. Bathing with overheated water, using irritating soap or detergent, or female endocrine changes (such as women's reduced estrogen secretion after menopause) can also lead to dry skin. However, these are short-term phenomena that can be improved immediately.

what about dry skin in autumn?

1. Diet and recuperation

you can eat more alkaline foods in your daily diet, such as vegetables, melons, fruits, beans, pear, apple, tomato, strawberry, milk, etc., which can make your skin delicate and shiny. Eat less acidic foods, such as meat, fish, chocolate, scallion and garlic. The purpose of


2, and to replenish water


is to quickly replenish water, deep cleanse, and make a healthy and harmonious conditioning for the skin, which helps to absorb more nutrients from the following eye cream, essence, lotion and cream.

3. Choose cream type Haofu products that do not contain alkaline substances.

for dry skin, there is less oil secretion, and the skin is easier to dry in autumn, so you must not choose facial cleansers with strong cleaning power. You must use facial cleaning products with mild properties, and it is best to choose cream type Haofu products that do not contain alkaline substances, Such as facial cleanser containing glycerin with little skin irritation. Don't wash your face with coarse soap. Sometimes you can wash your face with water instead of facial cleanser. No more than twice a day. When the skin is dry and water shortage is very serious, you should avoid using a dry towel to wipe it, and just use facial paper to gently absorb the water.

4. Steaming face

steaming face can speed up facial blood circulation. First apply some nutritional cream on the face, then fill hot water with an electric hot cup or basin, add an appropriate amount of glycerin and other skin care products, and when the steam rises, fumigate the face on the steam until the face is flushed. It can be used once or twice a week.

5. Moisturizing

the skin is easy to dry in autumn, because the indoor humidity is not enough, so to maintain the indoor humidity, use a humidifier if necessary. In particular, we should avoid sudden exposure to dry and cold air in a room with high humidity. Before going out, we should smear some oily skin cream or foundation cream to build a protective film for the skin.

what about dry skin in autumn? I believe everyone has enough understanding of this. In autumn, skin care is very important. Don't be lazy and hurt our skin.

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