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How is skin care better at night? Female friends look at it

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for women, skin care is a major event. However, many people still lack enough understanding of skin care. Think the skin is bad, how to care is useless. However, this is not the case. Skin care needs the right time. A good skin care time should be at night. Come and have a look. How can you protect your skin at night?


how can skin care be better at night?

1. Deep cleaning

our skin has become tired after a day's hard work and the invasion of harmful substances in the air. Therefore, the first step of night skin care is to deeply clean the skin. The cleansing milk is rubbed out in the hands after the rich foam is applied to the face, and gently massage to help promote skin circulation, effectively remove impurities from the skin, and restore health and vitality.

2. Effective hydrating

the use of powerful hydrating skin care products at night helps to replenish a lot of moisture to the skin, lock water for a long time and deeply moisturize the skin. The skin will become smooth and tender after being moistened overnight.

3. Strengthen massage


. It's hard. It's time to relieve the muscle pressure and relax the muscles. It's a great enjoyment for the muscles and skin. Massage oil or baby oil containing moisturizing ingredients can be applied to the body, and slowly massage the parts where the muscles are stiff or easy to ache until the nursing solution is absorbed by the skin.

4. Pay attention to diet

don't smoke and drink at night, eat spicy and stimulating food, and eat more light food, especially vegetables and fruits. Because the rich vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables can help care and nourish the skin from the inside out. Also, drink less water before going to bed to prevent skin edema the next morning.

how to skin care better at night? I believe you have a further understanding of this. Skin care at night, the effect is very good. Choosing the right time and using the right method is the correct way of skin care.

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