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How to protect skin in autumn? This moisturizing effect is good

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arrive in autumn, the climate is dry. If you don't take good care of your skin, it will lead to skin moisture loss and even various skin conditions. Then, when autumn comes, moisturizing is very important. Let's see, how to protect skin in autumn?


how to protect skin in autumn?

because most skin problems are caused by "water shortage". In addition to replenishing water, oil, water and moisture, it is more important to improve the skin's repair ability. If the skin is damaged due to sun drying, repair work must be carried out first, otherwise it is difficult for skin care products to play their due role. And it can easily cause discomfort.

1. If the skin has problems, such as peeling after sunburn or dermatitis, it must be treated first, and then follow-up products can play a better effect, otherwise it will only make the skin worse and worse!

2, maintenance varieties are mainly simple, do not need too many bottles and cans, choose moisturizing products, according to their skin condition with essence, emulsion (or cream) to moisturize is enough.


3, and a lot of love people know that facial mask is the most effective and effective moisturizing product. But do you also have doubts about whether it will affect the skin too often? In fact, if the skin is in a normal and healthy state, it doesn't hurt to use it every day.

how to protect skin in autumn? I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. There are skin problems, which have a great impact on women's physical and mental health. Timely moisturizing can make women regain self-confidence.

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