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How do people who often stay up late care for their skin? Here's a trick

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for many white-collar workers, staying up late and working overtime has become the norm. For women, staying up late often will cause skin problems such as acne, spots and roughness. How to improve it? Let's see, how do people who often stay up late care for their skin?


how do people who often stay up late care for their skin?

1. Clean your skin as soon as possible

although you can go to bed late, don't wait until before going to bed to clean your skin. Cleaning your skin as early as possible can also reduce the burden on your skin and prevent acne. In addition, we should maintain the balance of water and oil, strengthen oil control and water replenishment, and use moisturizing products to replenish moisture and nutrition to the skin. If necessary, add the essence of repair to stimulate collagen proliferation and repair skin, and enhance cell viability.

2. Massage more to promote facial blood circulation

in addition to the above cleaning and moisturizing, it is best to cooperate with massage, which can improve the problem of slow skin circulation and metabolism caused by staying up late. Simple massage before going to bed and getting up is more effective.

3. Prepare eye cream

the dermis of human orbit is full of veins and blood vessels, and it is the thinnest skin of human body. If you stay up late, the blood vessels will appear purple and blue, and black circles will emerge.

choose the appropriate eye cream, combined with eye massage can alleviate the situation. Note: after applying the eye cream, keep your hands close to your eyes, press and stay at the acupoints at the fundus of your eyes, and then lift from now to the corners of your eyes to promote the blood circulation of your eyes and the absorption of eye cream by your skin.

4. Lip care is indispensable.

the skin of the lip is very thin, very tender, and most vulnerable to injury, resulting in lip lines and aging appearance. During working overtime and staying up late, working pressure and air-conditioned dry environment are easy to make lips dry and lack of water, so you should moisturize your lips in time.

tips: after staying up late, the skin will save the


after the night's remedial measures

1. Before bed or after getting up, use five to 10 minutes to apply the face (can use moisturizing mask) to supplement the water deficient skin.

2. When washing your face after getting up, use cold and heat alternately to stimulate facial blood circulation.

3. When applying the skin care products, massage the face for five minutes.

4. Drink a cup of medlar tea after getting up in the morning, which has the effect of Tonifying Qi and nourishing the body.

how do people who often stay up late care for their skin? Everyone must know more about this. If female friends often stay up late, skin problems must be paid attention to. Through the methods introduced above, I hope to provide you with some help.

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