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How to maintain skin in autumn? Here's the good way

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after autumn, the weather will become very dry and our skin will become more and more dry. Therefore, moisturizing and moisturizing is very important. Let's take a look at how to maintain skin in autumn?


how to maintain skin in autumn?

1, clean skin care

can clean skin in warm water in the morning, and wash the face with warm water and cleansing cream and makeup remover collocation at night. When choosing facial cleanser, it is necessary to choose anti sensitive, mild cleansing products rich in high moisturizing factors to clean the skin, because these products have soft ingredients and obvious moisturizing effect, while ordinary cleansing products will make dry skin prone to wrinkles.

2. Moisturize


with skin care products. After cleaning the face, use a toner with good moisturizing effect, press and gently pat the palm to moisturize the skin, because the toner adds excellent moisturizing ingredients, which can immediately replenish the moisture of the skin and make the skin moist and soft. When choosing skin care products, never choose skin care products containing alcohol, which will do great harm to dry skin.

3. Exfoliate twice a week

in autumn, the skin is easy to accumulate cutin. Exfoliation not only lies in deeply cleaning the skin, but also removing those dead skin, so as to accelerate the regeneration of skin care products. MM people can usually use scrub particles to rub exfoliation back and forth on the surface of their body skin.

4. Toner plus moisturizer

if your skin is dry, use a toner with strong moisturizing function after each cleansing. Because make-up water can immediately replenish the moisture of the skin and make the skin moist. But it's best to stay away from alcohol containing toner to avoid skin irritation. In the autumn, you should pay attention to replenish moisture while replenish the appropriate oils and fats, and use the products with rich texture and sufficient nutrition. Especially when suddenly exposed to dry and hot air in the room, some oily skin cream or foundation cream should be smeared before going out to build a protective film for the skin.

5. People with dry skin should pay attention to some foods with high fat and vitamin content, such as milk, eggs, pig liver, butter, fish, mushrooms, pumpkin and fresh fruit. In such a dry season as autumn, pay special attention to maintenance, supplement water, drink more water and eat more fatty foods. Prevent skin dryness and desquamation and delay skin aging. In addition, make sure you have enough sleep and don't stay up late at night. Do not smoke, smoking will make the skin more dry and rough.

how to maintain skin in autumn? Everyone must have a certain understanding of this. There are many ways to maintain skin in autumn. As long as we insist on using it, it will protect our skin from damage.

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