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Computer family skin care methods, you can drink skin care tea

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many office workers face the computer at work every day and have to look at their mobile phones for a long time after work. The skin is often greatly affected by radiation. In this case, the method of computer family skin care is what everyone wants to know. In fact, the effect of drinking skin care tea is good.


computer family skin care methods, you can drink the following skin care tea:

1. Wolfberry tea

wolfberry fruit is rich in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and iron, which can tonify the liver, kidney and eyesight. Drinking it continuously for two months can brighten the eyes, strengthen muscles and bones and improve fatigue. It is especially helpful for people with eyes sour, fatigue, vision loss and other problems caused by long-term use of computers. And the brewing method is very simple: take an appropriate amount of medlar into a cup and brew it with boiling water.

2. Chrysanthemum tea

is similar to Lycium barbarum. Chrysanthemum also has the effect of clearing the liver and brightening the eyes, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on eye strain, headache and hypertension. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum is cool in nature and tastes sweet and bitter. It has the effects of dispersing wind, clearing heat, brightening eyes and detoxification. It can treat headache, dizziness, red eyes, chest upset heat, stinging sore, swelling poison and so on. After lunch every day, put 5-6 chrysanthemums into a cup and brew with boiling water. If a little honey is added, the taste will be better when drinking.

3. Whitening green tea

is a health drink that people have talked about in recent years, because it contains powerful antioxidant catechol and vitamin C, which can not only remove free radicals in the body, but also make the accessory renal cortex secrete hormones against stress. Of course, a small amount of green tea can also stimulate the central nervous system. It is best to drink it during the day to avoid affecting sleep.

4. Mung bean and job's tears soup

mung bean can clear away heat, detoxify, diuresis and detumescence, while job's tears can strengthen the spleen, stop diarrhea, lighten the body and replenish qi. For workers who often need to stay up late, or who are upset, irritable, dry mouth, constipation and acne, in addition to eating more vegetables and fruits and replenishing water, eating mung bean and job's tears soup as snacks is very helpful for relieving summer heat and annoyance. What are the skin care methods of


computer family? I believe everyone knows enough about this. Drinking tea for skin care is a very healthy way of skin care, which is very suitable for office workers. Let's try it as soon as possible.

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