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What food can improve the skin? These can be eaten more

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for women, skin problems will have a great impact. Therefore, how to improve the skin is of special concern to female friends. In fact, you can do it through dietary conditioning. Let's see, what food can improve the skin?


what foods can improve the skin? The water content of


human tissue fluid is 72%, and that of adults is 58% - 67%. When the body's moisture is reduced, the skin will be dry and the secretion of sebaceous glands will be reduced, so that the skin will lose elasticity and even wrinkle. In order to ensure water intake, girls drink about 1200 ml of water a day. Often eat foods rich in vitamin E.

vitamin E plays an important role in preventing skin aging and maintaining delicate and smooth skin. Japanese scholars have found that vitamin E plays an important role in skin anti-aging, because vitamin E can destroy the activity of free radicals and remove free radicals in the body, so as to inhibit aging; Vitamin E also prevents lipofuscin from settling on the skin.

scientists found that the production of lipofuscin is related to lipid oxidation, and vitamin E can prevent lipid oxidation. Cabbage, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil and other foods contain a certain amount of vitamin E. in order to make up for the lack of vitamin E intake in daily diet and your delicate skin, it is recommended to supplement an appropriate amount of vitamin E rich in biological activity.

eat more foods containing iron.

have shiny and ruddy skin and need to supply sufficient blood. Iron is one of the main components of heme in blood. Eat more iron rich foods, such as animal liver, egg yolk, kelp, laver, etc.

increase the intake of foods rich in collagen and elastin.

collagen can make cells plump, so as to fill the skin and reduce wrinkles. Elastin can enhance the elasticity of human skin, so as to make the skin smooth and elastic. Foods rich in collagen and elastin include pig feet, animal tendons and pig skin.


should pay attention to the intake of alkaline foods.


the fish, meat, eggs and grains eaten in daily life are physiologically acidic. The weight of acidic foods will increase the content of lactic acid and uric acid in body fluid and blood... When organic acids cannot be discharged in time, they will erode sensitive epidermal cells and make the skin lose delicacy and elasticity. So eat some physiological alkaline foods, such as apples, pears and vegetables.

what food can improve the skin? Everyone must know enough about it. In addition to conditioning the skin through diet, we should also ensure that the skin is free from external stimulation and choose some suitable cleaning products according to our own skin.

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