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Age reduction method, so as to save facial relaxation

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for women, it is the face that exposes their age. If there is skin relaxation, it will cause great pressure on women's psychology and even dare not look in the mirror. In fact, there are ways to reduce age. Let's learn together.


age reduction methods

there are many reasons for facial relaxation. To solve this problem, we have to break it one by one.

reasons 1. With the increase of age,

with the increase of age, adult skin will age and relax. This is because the fibers between cell tissues degenerate, resulting in the loss of elasticity of the face.


countermeasures: pay attention to health preservation and health care, eat reasonably, and wash your face with rice washing water in the morning and evening. Maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood and slow down human aging.

reason 2. Loss of subcutaneous fat on the face

loss of subcutaneous fat on the face will make the originally tight skin lose "filling" and lead to skin relaxation.


countermeasures: try not to lose weight and diet blindly. At the same time, supplement vitamin C, which can protect cells from UV damage and neutralize free radicals, help to synthesize collagen, and improve skin wrinkles and relaxation.

reason 3. Long term sun exposure

long term sun exposure is the reason for 90% of skin aging in advance.


countermeasures: don't stand in the sun for a long time. Ultraviolet rays will damage the original delicate skin. Now the ozone layer is empty and ultraviolet radiation is particularly strong. It's best to use sunscreen and skin care products when you go out, so as to keep your skin young forever. Reasons for


4. The diet is unbalanced. Eating a large amount of high-fat food will produce a large number of free radicals and accelerate the aging of the body.


countermeasures: eat more fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, etc., and drink more red wine and tea, which can protect the collagen in the skin. Avoid eating high-fat foods to avoid free radicals and accelerate aging.

of course, it is not enough to rely on the above internal nutrition alone. At ordinary times, we should take more time to take care of the skin:

1. First of all, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the skin. If there is a lot of oil and dust on the face, it will lead to the blockage of the pores of the skin, resulting in the loss of skin tension and relaxation.

2. Massage the lower part before going to bed every night, which can promote blood circulation and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

3. Pay attention to maintaining adequate sleep habits. Lack of sleep will lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in poor skin resistance. It will also lead to loose, dull and inelastic skin. The methods of


have been introduced to you. I believe you have a certain understanding of this. There are many reasons for facial relaxation. Women should keep a good mood and pay more attention to diet.

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