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The method of protecting teeth starts from these aspects

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healthy and bright white teeth can improve people's image. If the teeth are yellow and black, it is very disgusting. To improve the condition of teeth, let's learn how to protect teeth.


methods to protect teeth

1. Drink coffee and some milk.

when drinking tea or coffee, add some milk to help change the chemical structure of coffee or tea beverage, make it difficult for pigment to adhere to the surface of teeth and prevent teeth from turning black and yellow.

2. Eat more dark green vegetables.

minerals contained in dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli help to form a protective film on the surface of teeth and prevent tooth discoloration. Dr. Thomas Connelly, a beauty and dental expert in New York, also suggested that we should eat more apples, pears, celery and carrots. Chewing can promote saliva secretion, reduce oral bacteria and whiten teeth.

3. Rinse for 30 seconds after each meal.

rinse your mouth for 30 seconds after eating, which helps to prevent tooth discoloration caused by food pigments and remove food residues in your mouth.

4. Drink with a straw.


drinking carbonated drinks is easy to damage enamel and cause tooth discoloration and tooth decay. It is recommended to use straw when drinking such drinks.

what do you eat to protect your teeth?

in summer, we'd better eat more fruit in order to supplement nutrition, vitamins and salt. Many fruits are high in sugar. We should also remember to gargle after eating fruits.


it is better to eat more high fiber foods in summer, such as vegetables, coarse grains, celery, cabbage, spinach, leek, etc. in addition to protecting teeth, it is also very effective in promoting the development of jaw and neat teeth of teenagers and children.


of course, the most important thing is that we should pay attention to the awareness of protecting teeth at ordinary times and see the dentist regularly. Don't avoid diseases and taboo doctors in case of tooth diseases, find the dentist in time and take drugs under the guidance of professional dentists. What are the methods of


to protect teeth? After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has learned a lot. The whitening of teeth is not a matter of one day. We need to insist on nursing and should not relax.

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