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How to wash your face when you get up? Teach you the steps to wash your face correctly

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after getting up in the morning, most people have to wash their faces and brush their teeth first, but do you know? There is also a way to wash your face. Is your method correct? Come and have a look. How do you wash your face when you get up?


how to wash your face when you get up?

1. Cotton pad cleaning method

after getting up, don't rush to wash your face with water. First, dip a cotton pad with sufficient make-up water to wipe the whole face. It is best to choose moisturizing or whitening make-up water. The make-up water can effectively nourish the dry facial skin in the early morning. At the same time, it can also remove excess cutin when used with cotton pad, Then use cleanser and water to do secondary cleaning, which will not be too irritating, and can make your skin look new only through the cleaning steps.

2, foam mask method


. If you use foam cleanser or cleansing soap in the morning, then do not hurry to massage when the strong foam is applied to the face. It can make the foam stay on the face for 1 to 2 minutes. Give the morning skin the first instant mask maintenance, and use the explosion of carbonated foam to massage the skin. Help improve facial microcirculation and bring you a good look. Then massage by hand and clean the facial cleanser.

3. Low temperature water face washing method

because the oil and dirt accumulated by the skin at night will not be more than those outdoors during the day, so you don't have to wash your face with warm water when you get up early. You can directly use low-temperature water close to cold water for cleaning, which can effectively stimulate the facial skin to wake up and help astringe coarse pores. In addition, low-temperature water can also bring the effect of soothing the face. If it is winter, you can use thermostatic water with a slightly higher temperature to clean, so that the skin will not feel the freezing effect, which can not only avoid stimulating the skin, but also wake up the skin more than hot water.

how to wash your face when you get up? I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. There are many correct ways to wash your face in the morning. After learning these methods, it is very helpful to our skin.

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