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Tips: the solution to the color difference between face and body skin

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       Face and body skin color difference, many people will have such a distress, it is difficult to choose a suitable foundation for their own skin color, and the neck and a difference. What should we do to solve the problem of color difference? What should we pay attention to?

first of all, the body should also be sunscreen, especially the neck. It is easy to become a dead corner of sunscreen. Over time, the color difference between nature and face will occur. At the same time, you can choose some body exfoliating products with obvious effects, such as scrub. In fact, the accumulation of cutin in the body is the same as that on the face. If it is removed from time to time, it will appear dull. Naturally, the facial skin is not white without careful maintenance.


, and then choose a foundation solution that is darker than the skin color on the face. This will not cause too much color difference. Generally speaking, because of the activity of ultraviolet rays in summer, the complexion will be more or less deep. In addition, be careful to use the colored isolation cream. Because of the complementary color principle, it will be more troublesome for the skin on the face to be white again.

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scrub with dual effects. Automatic heating after massage to promote skin microcirculation; At the same time, it removes excess cutin and makes the skin smooth and delicate.

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