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How does the skin absorb bad to do? How to protect skin in spring and summer?

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when spring and summer come, skin problems often haunt female friends. Many people want to take a pile of maintenance products to wipe their faces. However, they are not only unable to absorb them, but also prone to acne. Let's see. What if the skin doesn't absorb well?


what if the skin does not absorb well?

1. Remove cutin

first, you should find a way to remove the cutin accumulation on your face. The original weekly exfoliation or deep cleaning can be increased to twice a week, and after washing your face in the morning and evening every day, you should use makeup water to pat it.

2. Correctly use

toner, which can not only provide moisture for the skin, but also have the effect of secondary cleaning. Please remember to use a cotton pad.


because the cotton pad can take away the dirty things on the skin at the same time when it contacts the skin. After wiping, you can take more photos, because the skin is just like the body. When you are hungry and thirsty, you must drink water first, and you won't want to eat (absorb nutrients) until you quench your thirst (replenish water).

3. Strengthen sunscreen and improve skin metabolism

some acids can also be added to the selection of maintenance products, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, almond acid, etc. acid containing maintenance products can help soften cutin and improve skin metabolic rate.


are especially suitable for mild almond acid. However, we must remember to strengthen sunscreen and avoid ultraviolet rays from stimulating thinner skin. However, you should do so whether you wear maintenance products containing acids or not.

4. Dealing with inflamed skin problems

solves the problem of cutin accumulation. Next, we need to deal with inflamed skin.


in summer, you often feel that your skin is red and hot. This is not Snow White's apple muscle, but your skin is "Crazy" stimulated by ultraviolet rays. You must find ways to calm its emotions. It is very important to choose skin care products with the effects of calming, soothing and inhibiting inflammation.

5. Stay away from products containing alcohol.

avoid products containing alcohol. You may feel cool and absorb it quickly. In fact, it volatilizes and will add fuel to your skin. I suggest natural plant ingredients such as witch hazel, cucumber and lavender can soothe the human body, It's like gently caressing the skin, and it's all gone. Of course, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the best maintenance time is to massage your face after taking a bath. Remember what I've been saying "protect, knead, pinch, pull, play and pat", which can definitely make your skin have a big appetite and have a good meal.

how to do if the skin does not absorb well? I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. Poor skin absorption has a great impact on the skin. We should not ignore it and take correct treatment methods as soon as possible.

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