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What is soybean milk best to eat with? Women drinking soy milk like this is very helpful to their skin

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in spring, the skin is often dry. At this time, it is necessary to supplement water in time. Drinking soybean milk can regulate women's endocrine, and the effect of water supplement is good. And drinking soybean milk needs to be matched with other foods, so the skin care effect is better. Let's see. What's the best to eat with soybean milk?


what is the best soybean milk to eat with?

1. Honey soybean milk

materials: 40g dry soybeans, 35g mung beans and 40g honey.

method: wash beans and mung beans and soak them in full, then put them into soybean milk screen. Pour some water into the cup, and make the soybean milk slightly cool, then stir in honey. Benefits of


: beautifying and moistening intestines, tonifying qi and blood.

2. Materials for

of red jujube and medlar soybean milk: 60g dry soybean, 15g red jujube and 10g medlar. Preparation method of


: soak the washed soybeans, red dates and medlar, put them into the net cover of soybean milk machine, and inject an appropriate amount of water into the cup. Benefits of


: tonifying deficiency and Qi, calming nerves and tonifying kidney, improving myocardial nutrition, which is beneficial to cardiovascular patients. Soybean milk in soybean milk soybean milk soybean milk is also known as


. In the spring, we should pay attention to taboo


1, avoid drinking uncooked soybean milk


. Many people love to buy raw soybean milk to go home to heat themselves. When heating, they see bubbles rising up and mistaken that they have been boiled, but this is actually the phenomenon of the rising of organic matter in soya bean milk caused by heat expansion and bubbles, not boiling, but not ripe.

uncooked soybean milk is harmful to human body. Because soybean milk contains two toxic substances, it will lead to protein metabolism disorder, stimulate gastrointestinal tract and cause poisoning symptoms. The way to prevent soybean milk poisoning is to boil soybean milk at a high temperature of 100 ℃ and drink it at ease. If you have headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking soybean milk, you should see a doctor immediately. You must not delay the opportunity to prevent life-threatening.

2. Avoid packing thermos bottles.

soybean milk contains substances that can remove the scale in the thermos bottle. Under the condition of appropriate temperature, with soybean milk as the nutrient, the bacteria in the bottle will multiply in large numbers, and the soybean milk will be rancid and deteriorated after 3 ~ 4 hours.

3. Avoid drinking soybean milk on an empty stomach. Most of the protein in

soybean milk will be converted into heat and consumed in the human body, which can not fully play a tonic role. Eating some starch foods such as bread, pastries and steamed bread while drinking soybean milk can fully enzymolysis the protein in soybean milk with gastric juice under the action of starch, so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed.

soymilk and what is the best to eat together? Everyone must know enough about it. Soybean milk is very helpful to the skin, and we should master the taboo of drinking soybean milk to avoid affecting the body.

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