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How to reverse growth? Do this to preserve health and beauty

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and "inverse growth" are hot words discussed more. Throughout the entertainment industry, there are many counter growing stars. How did they do it? In fact, health and beauty are very important. Let's see, how to reverse growth? How does


grow inversely? Secret 1 of


: drink soup. "Drinking soup before meals is better than a good prescription". Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the harmony of all things, and soup making is the best way to reconcile. Soup making can put all kinds of food with required nutritional value and the synthesis of all kinds of food according to your own situation, so as to give full play to the nutritional value of all kinds of food. In addition to nourishing the spleen and stomach, drinking soup can also make the skin firm and white. Is the skin dull or shiny? The biggest reason is whether the blood is full and the body is strong, and drinking soup is just the effect of benefiting the five zang organs and strengthening the six Fu organs.


also pay attention to the method of drinking soup. As the saying goes, "drinking soup before meals is slim and healthy. Drinking soup after meals will make you fat." generally speaking, it is recommended to drink soup at noon. Drinking soup at noon can make it easier for the body to absorb nutrition and prevent obesity. However, some people think that drinking soup will not make you fat, so they always only drink soup and don't eat. In fact, it's not true, The amount of soup you should drink is until you are full. You can choose different soups according to different seasons. You can drink some balsam pear soup to clear away heat and detoxify in summer, and you can drink more soup with Sydney Tremella to moisten your lungs in autumn and winter.

second, moderate vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet of two to three days can be arranged weekly, which can do a good job of detoxification to the body. In addition, vegetarians will suffer from heart disease, diabetes and coronary heart disease, as compared with carnivorous people who eat meat frequently. Vegetarian food contains a large amount of vitamins and no animal protein. All these can play a good role in preventing diseases. How does


grow inversely? Health and beauty methods have been introduced to you. If you want to achieve reverse growth, you must continue to adhere to it. Only by paying all the time can you achieve this effect.

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