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The method of pregnant women's maintenance has good skin care effect during pregnancy

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the woman is pregnant. If you don't pay attention to the details of life, your skin will become very bad. However, effective maintenance can solve the skin problems during pregnancy. Take a look, what are the methods of pregnant women's maintenance?


what are the maintenance methods for pregnant women?

1. Acne removing

the pores of pregnant women's facial skin are easy to be blocked and inflamed, resulting in acne. If pregnant women want to solve the problem of acne, they should first thoroughly clean the dirt on the face and balance the water and oil of the skin. However, most of the cleansing products with strong cleaning effect on the market contain salicylic acid and various irritant chemicals, which are not suitable for pregnant women, so pregnant mothers should choose mild products.

2. Nursing sensitive muscles

the air in winter is easy to cause skin allergy, resulting in blisters, dandruff, allergy and other problems. In order to avoid skin problems such as spots on the face of pregnant women, refreshing skin care products can be used. If a pregnant mother has allergic skin, it's best to avoid allergens as much as possible. Before going out, use the special isolation cream for pregnant women, which can effectively help the skin isolate air pollutants, dust and other allergens.

3. Reduce stretch marks

thin red or brown (depending on your skin color) stretch marks usually appear in the abdomen, parts and thighs. About 90% of pregnant mothers have stretch marks. By controlling your weight and applying massage oil or moisturizer rich in vitamin E to your stomach, you can maintain elasticity. Also, eating healthy food and doing gentle exercise can minimize the possibility of stretch marks. Stretch marks generally take some time to fade after production.

4. Reduce the appearance of spider marks.

spider marks are actually small groups of broken capillaries, sometimes called spider nevus. Most often appear on the cheeks and are more likely to occur during pregnancy. Spider marks are caused by increased blood circulation that puts additional pressure on capillaries. Avoid overheating or supercooling the face, which can reduce the chance of spider moles. Therefore, you can't wash your face with too hot or cold water, but with warm water. In addition, try to avoid going out in too cold weather, or wear a hat to keep your face warm.

5. Prevention and treatment of blackhead and acne

increased hormone levels during pregnancy will stimulate sebum secretion, and too much sebum will block pores, leading to oily skin acne and blackhead. It can be cleaned regularly with mild cleansing products and oil-free moisturizer. After cleaning, do not wipe your face with a towel, but pat your face dry with your hands to keep your skin fresh and clean, so as to minimize the stimulation of acne. Be careful not to use acne cream unless your doctor advises you to do so.

6. Fade spots

freckles, chloasma and other spots are easy to occur during pregnancy. This is also known as "pregnancy facial spot", which is characterized by brown spots on the forehead, cheeks and neck due to pigmentation. Spots are caused by an increase in melanin. Skin exposure to the sun will make the spots deeper and more obvious. So whenever you go out, you should put on a high index sunscreen (above SPF15) to protect your skin and wear a hat. What are the methods of


pregnant women's maintenance? I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. In addition to the above precautions, pregnant women can usually wear cotton clothes to keep their skin cool, but don't wear tights and socks.

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